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Divine Innovation covers the spiritual world of technology and those who shape it. Published once every three weeks, it’s written by Adam Willems and edited by Vanessa Rae Haughton.

Why bother?

When Mark Zuckerberg coolly declares Facebook “the new church,” we should take him seriously: the social media giant is poised to overtake Christianity as the world’s largest community, giving Zuckerberg untold power over what we see and believe. Countless other Silicon Valley tech companies promise to bring the world into a utopia where we can live better, more optimized, lives; they proudly preach their missions, and are hungry for conversion and growth.

But as new technology spreads into every pocket of our worlds (schools, churches, dates), it’s not just the tech that changes us—but also the values that come with it.

Divine Innovation features original writing, reporting, and interviews at a misunderstood and underreported crossroads that shapes us. We’re still far from understanding (let alone regulating) the technologies that reach into almost every pocket of our existence. We have to grapple with what roles faith, belief, and practice play in our experiences with tech, and get to the heart of what drives technologists to do what they do.

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About Adam Willems

I’m fully immersed within the Divine Innovation paradigm. I study religion and economy at Union Theological Seminary in New York City, and I previously worked at startups in the United States and India. I’m also a freelance writer, and have bylines strewn across cyberspace. Find me on Twitter at @functionaladam, or shoot me an email at divineinnovation@protonmail.com.

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